charming station house

From a run-down squatter’s place to charming station house. The client gave us free rein to restore this historic building and transform it into a warm family home. When we started, the house was a ruin; graffiti, burnt doorposts, water damage, demolished stairs and broken windows were the least of our problems. During the intensive […]


Cosmopolitan Sweet Spot

Dubai, South-Africa and Amsterdam. We managed to incorporate these colourful and special places in a new built canal house in Amsterdam, which became a cosmopolitan sweet spot, packed with extraordinary details and a refined level of customization.


The family that lives here used to live in cities scattered all over the world. These citizens of the world have now chosen a villa behind the dunes to make their domestic wishes a reality. In this beautiful spot their international experiences are clearly visible. A tropical atmosphere emanates from the conservatory. The natural-looking green […]

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