Supreme Luxury Dune Mansion

Supreme Luxury Dune Mansion 1

We designed a 1200 m² supreme luxury dune mansion. The interior was based on Dutch heritage, authenticity and the surroundings of the residence. What feels like a historic manor is actually a newly built house, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Since we were involved from the beginning of this project, we had the opportunity to design […]

Warm Winter Cabin

Warm Winter Cabin

This double penthouse in Switzerland is the perfect warm winter cabin for a family holiday, overlooking the slopes. The apartment building is new and we have custom designed the layout of the house and the entire interior to the wishes of the client. Upstairs is the large and high living room with the fireplace as […]


charming station house

From a run-down squatter’s place to charming station house. The client gave us free rein to restore this historic building and transform it into a warm family home. When we started, the house was a ruin; graffiti, burnt doorposts, water damage, demolished stairs and broken windows were the least of our problems. During the intensive […]


Cosmopolitan Sweet Spot

Dubai, South-Africa and Amsterdam. We managed to incorporate these colourful and special places in a new built canal house in Amsterdam, which became a cosmopolitan sweet spot, packed with extraordinary details and a refined level of customization.

Double Serenity

Double Serenity

We tailored the layout of this lavish penthouse fully to the lifestyle of the clients. Double serenity at best! The entrance is an impressive first introduction to the house. The round custom designed staircase, the sublime lighting and the works of art – the beautiful tapestry was custom-made for the residents – give the space […]

Hotel Allure

Hotel Allure

Hotel allure is the best way to describe the atmosphere in this contemporary villa on the Amstel. The existing house was, to say the least, in an outdated state. The location makes this villa unique: on one side you see the skyline of Amsterdam, on the other side you have beautiful views of rural areas. […]

Classic meets Colour

Classic meets Colour 1

In this villa – in the hart of the city – we created an interior were classic meets colour. The monumental mansion already had many beautiful classical features. We restored them and played with colours and patterns to make sure they are beautifully highlighted and get the attention they deserve.



This client wished for a worldly interior with an international character, so we designed a New York Glamour apartment. Call it modern with a twist or an upgrade of the classics. The preference for graphic patterns is striking. They can be found everywhere, from the room divider at the entrance to the patterned relief wallpaper […]

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