Two elements resulted in a particularly well-considered design with clear lines – an old cigar factory without a structural layout, together with the request that various living functions be combined as far as possible. The layout, the custom-made furniture, the choice of materials, the colours and the furnishing are the work of Roelfien Vos.


A prison director once lived in this Dutch historical 81 monument which dates from the end of the 19th century. Here, Roelfien Vos created an atmospheric whole using colour and materials. The customer’s commission was to create an interior that was appropriate to the age of the building, without making residents feel they were living […]

Natural stillness

Natural stillness

Natural stillness is the best way to describe the atmosphere in this spacious villa. The nature surrounding the villa was a big source of inspiration for the interior. You can see that in the use of materials and the choices we made for the wallpapers and tiles. The atmospehere in the villa feels really calm […]

Golden delight

Golden delight 1

“Golden Delight” is a contemporary bedroom design for a teenage girl. We mixed light tones, combined with pops of colour and a touch of gold. And how about the “nightsky” above the bed? We also made sure there is enough storage space by placing cabinets next to and under the bed.

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