A prison director once lived in this Dutch historical 81 monument which dates from the end of the 19th century. Here, Roelfien Vos created an atmospheric whole using colour and materials. The customer’s commission was to create an interior that was appropriate to the age of the building, without making residents feel they were living […]



This warm summer flat is on the coast and offers a fabulous view of the sea. The owners’ wish to bring the outdoors inside has resulted in a fresh and bright interior that radiates tranquillity. Roelfien Vos designed the whole interior. She designed the layout with the routing, the lighting plan, the ceiling plan, the […]


In the lovely Dutch political capital of The Hague 13 you will find this penthouse with international flair and a very detailed finish. It is the ultimate translation of the feeling that one can achieve a worldly, sexy and modern lifestyle in between hectic business trips. A special feature of the design is the composition. […]


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