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Chateau Neercanne

Seven unique boutique rooms for Château Neercanne

What a wonderful assignment to work on! After we started with the room designs of Château Sint Gerlach, we will now also design seven unique and luxurious boutique rooms for Château Neercanne. The design process has started. It will be a special and unforgettable experience, where every design is different, but captures the same characteristic atmosphere of Château Neercanne. Honored to reshape a piece of history and work on another unique venue with a new granted Michelin star for the Oostwegel Collection.

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Vorstelijk overnachten: Château Neercanne breidt uit

Roelfien Vos Design Secrets

Looking back on Design Secrets

From October to January,  you could have spotted Roelfien together with four other designers in the second season of Design Secrets, broadcast by SBS6. A reality TV show in which you got a look behind the scenes at the realization of various projects. What does a design process look like? What kind of decisions need to be made? How many parties are involved and need to be coordinated? All these questions and more were answered. In addition, you could see the end result of various projects in the Netherlands and abroad, how the designers get their inspiration and which “design secrets” they use that give an interior the wow factor.

Did you watch all the episodes of Design Secrets? If not, you can watch all the episodes on Kijk.


Roelfien Vos Design Secrets

Roelfien appears in television show Design Secrets

Design Secrets is a reality TV/ documentary in which we follow different designers. They take you to beautiful projects in the Netherlands and abroad, talk about the passion for their work and give you an insight into their world. We’re proud that Roelfien Vos will be one of the five designers this season. The recordings are currently in full swing. The first episode is on the 16h of October 2022 on SBS6.


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