“Sometimes beauty occurs by accident; we guide the process and give it direction”

Welcome to the creative world of interior designer Roelfien Vos.
One of the highest reputable European designers in the luxury sector for yachts, residential and hospitality projects worldwide.

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Every Interior is unique, every gem is unique.
I proudly present my Interior Gems, parfum d’interieur.
Lemurian is the name of the first edition. The gem lemurian helps
in connecting with the souls vitality. The parfum embodies the feeling of delicate and loving energy.
This limited edition only has 250 items available.

INTERIOR GEMS by Roelfien Vos

Limited edition parfum d’interieur


Opening of Château Neercanne

On the 1st of March the seven luxury boutique suites of Château Neercanne were finally opened. You can experience the enchanting design and location for yourself now. Every luxury …

OPJAGT podcast with Roelfien

Roelfien was interviewed by interior designer Mariska Jagt for her OPJAGT podcast. As female designers at the top, they explore not only their profession, but also the unique expe…

Yacht through nightly Amsterdam

For the Masters Expo - from the 7th until the 11th of December 2023 - Mulder Shipyards towed the yacht Favorite 1700 through nightly Amsterdam. It was quite an operation to lift it…

Colourful Canal House published on platform Rethinking The Future

We are happy to announce that our project Colourful Canal House was seleceted by Rethinking The Future to shine on their website. Rethinking The Future is a platform that encourage…


Yacht deck, Roelfien Vos

One of the decks we designed for this yacht, which is packed with beautiful details. Stay tuned for more updates.

Chateau Neercanne logement 3, Roelfien Vos

The luxurious suites at Chateau Neercanne are almost ready. So exited!

Huis in aanbouw, Roelfien Vos

The interior and exterior of this villa are coming together beautifully.  The result will be stunning!

Chateau st. Gerlach kamer, Roelfien Vos

Sneak peek in one of the rooms at Chateau St. Gerlach. We will continue to work on the big transformation of this incredible hotel.

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