“Our goal in interior design is to create the poetry of a space.”

Project   Majestic History

Majestic History: We completely restored this family home in the city center of Amsterdam. It is a historical building from the early twentieth century. It used to be a language school from the seventies until 2015. All historical treasures were either removed or covered by ceilings, closets and carpeting. The family wanted to restore this great building and bring back history to life. The second requirement was to have a modern atmosphere as well as comfort and functionality. After removing all the furnishing and elements from the previous owner, we discovered beautiful ceilings to be restored. A study of historical colour schemes started, together with a whole new layout design. The result is “Majestic History” at his best.
For this interior we won the “International Design & Architecture Award 2016” in the category Living Space Global.


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