“Our goal in interior design is to create the poetry of a space.”

Project   Independent Hotel Show 2022

For the Independent Hotel Show 2022 we designed a suite and a lobby with the name “Embrace”. They were the center of the Independent Hotel Show 2022. The design tells its own story about “Embrace” through undulating lines in the floor pattern, the organic shapes of the furniture, the cuddliness of the fabrics and curtains that embrace the sitting area like a cocoon. Silk lanterns give light to the space with a warm wink to the past. Extraordinary art pieces covering the interior walls.  Attention to each detail connect the elements to the authentic and create an added value to the total guest experience.  ‘From experience to meaning’ and ‘staying close to the authentic’. These are the basic elements that Roelfien uses for her designs. ‘Spaces are meant to surprise, inspire and embrace you’.

Design partners:
Pols Potten
Solid Nature
Hollands Licht
Steegaa Interior
Orac Decor
Timothy van Oorschot


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