Fusion of old and new

Monumental Office by Roelfien Vos 1

This  monumental office villa from 1878 is situated in Delft. The characteristic building has a lot of history. We did a total redesign of the interior, including the stairs. We have given the historical details a modern twist and equipped the building with modern conveniences. Furthermore, we optimized the acoustics. For the offices we chose […]


Historical Setting by Roelfien Vos 1

This Historical Setting is a monumental villa with office spaces. We created a beautiful balance between modern design and historical elements. All the spaces feel very comfortable and homy, because of the textures, colours, lighting and art. Every room has his own personality, but they all fit together.


Roelfien Vos studio 1

This is our studio, based in Amsterdam. It is a place with a lot of colour and materials. Here we inspire our clients and ourselves. All the fabrics, wallpapers, lights, furniture, art and materials are from our database of brands. We are really happy that we may work in such a beautiful and inspirational atmosphere.

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