Celebrating 10 years Studioart

Friday the 16th of September the team of Roelfien Vos Interior Design and Architecture was present at the grand preview of the Leatherwall collections 2017 by Studioart Leather Interiors.
The event took place in the breathtaking Villa Almerico Capra, also named “Villa La Rotonda”, designed by Andrea Palladio 500 years ago in Vicenza, Italy.


During the day we visited the Montebello Tannery to see the production of all the high quality leather hides.
As an interior design company we love to use all different kinds of leather and leather walls in our designs to customize a project and so we were very much inspired by the new creations.


We would like to thank Prades Interior Concepts and Studioart Leather Interiors for the invitation and the unique experience.







Winner International Design Award

winner logo


London – Dorchester Hotel 2nd of September 2016  –

We are happy to announce that amongst all the great international designs, Roelfien Vos Interior Design & Architecture won the Award for Living Space Global!



And the winner is…



Excited for tonight’s Awards Ceremony for the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016!


Roelfien Vos Interior Design & Architecture is nominated for 3 category awards:


1. Global Living Space
2. Living Space Europe
3. Residential 1-2.5 million


The Ceremony will be held at the Dorchester Hotel in Londen UK.



Thank you for those who have voted for us!

We look forward for the evening. Let`s cross our fingers!!