Launch of Incredulous Interior Concepts – opening new showroom

Friday the 31st of March was the grand opening of the new studio of Roelfien Vos in Amsterdam! It was also the launch of “Incredulous Interior Concepts by Roelfien Vos”. Two brand new concepts were presented: Incredulous Doors and Incredulous Colours.


For “Incredulous Colours” Roelfien created 5 new colour collections: Transitional, Botanic, Eclectic, Pastels and Essentials. Every collection contains 8 colours of high quality paint, available in in laquer or wall paint, and in different amounts.


With the collection “Incredulous Doors” she creates a concept which presents a door as an architectural masterpiece. The doors show circles and/or squares, and can be designed in a combination of high gloss and matt paint. Different materials can be added, to make the design even more special. For instance glass, leather, trimmings etc. Every door will be especially designed for our client, in every size possible.


The opening was an amazing day! Roelfien thanks all her clients, suppliers, partners, friends and family who celebrated with her!


For more information about the “Incredulous Interior Concepts by Roelfien Vos” please send an email to:


Photo credits: Peter Baas, Jaro van Meerten & Marieke Klosters



Inspiring ”Autumn Symphony”

Last Monday we visited the ”Autumn Symphony” show by Loggere Willpower to be inspired with the new collections of our favorite brands. We were very impressed by the gorgeous wallpaper designs of Élitis, the fabrics of Métaphores and surprised by Rubelli and Donghia introducing the new designs for indoor and outdoor use. Élitis designed a new vinyl and silk wallpaper for this autumn collection.

The collection of Élitis called “Perles” almost took 3 years to design and produce. A real art piece, that tells the story of falling raindrops in countries where it never rains. We think it is absolutely beautiful and will be presenting the “Perles” collection in our showroom very soon.

Sika design, a brand for outdoor furniture also showed inspiring new arm chairs, sofas and coffee tables made out of rotan. A timeless material which is very strong and durable. It fits beautiful outside in the garden but also in the living room or glass conservatory. A perfect combination with the new jute braided rugs and together with the pillows by Élitis.







Celebrating 10 years Studioart

Friday the 16th of September the team of Roelfien Vos Interior Design and Architecture was present at the grand preview of the Leatherwall collections 2017 by Studioart Leather Interiors.
The event took place in the breathtaking Villa Almerico Capra, also named “Villa La Rotonda”, designed by Andrea Palladio 500 years ago in Vicenza, Italy.


During the day we visited the Montebello Tannery to see the production of all the high quality leather hides.
As an interior design company we love to use all different kinds of leather and leather walls in our designs to customize a project and so we were very much inspired by the new creations.


We would like to thank Prades Interior Concepts and Studioart Leather Interiors for the invitation and the unique experience.